Combining several computer based platforms to create the ultimate super realistic Landscape Design



Highly detailed 3D Site renders make landscape designs simple and easy to read for Business parks, hotels, and any other corporate environment



From small local parks, to large public walk ways, a unique and original concept will be created here at Urban Design Studios



From small to large residential properties and simple 2D Designs to complex 3D Animation, we do it all!

Urban Design Studios have been designing and creating creative yet achievable landscape designs for the past three years, and understands that the demand for a unique and custom design is the key to success. By working closely with everyone involved during the design process, we aim to create the ultimate landscaping experience.

With accreditation from a leading Landscape College in Johannesburg, fluent and comprehensive knowledge of all programs used, Urban Design Studios aims to keep up to date with all aspects of the design world, techniques, new and innovative programs to create the ultimate Virtual Garden

Specializing in landscape design, Urban Design Studios uses a combination of software to create a landscape concept, in a format that is not only easy to read but extremely presentable in any digital form. The combination of software means that site plans and drafting plans in almost any format can be used to generate a complete landscape design.

As we specialize in design, we look after every aspect of the design phase. Client liaison, site consultation, design generation, quantifying and client presentation. All details of the designs are fully explained and handed over in order for the installation of the design to commence with  ease.