Combining effects from the latest programs, super realistic 3D designs can be created and customised for individuals

Overlay plant images onto a photo for a complete 2 dimensional view of a selected area

With amazing light effects, animated water and ambient sounds every 3D plan has a life of its own


Working closely with our clients using the latest in computer software means we deliver customised designs to suit each individual enabling us to create The Ultimate Landscape Layout.


We cater for private residents looking for a detailed landscape layout for self installation. Itemizing each element of the design in an easy and comprehensive plant and material list.


Urban Design Studios offer their services to any Architectural and Landscaping Companies in order to work in tandem to create the ultimate design experience for both staff and clients.


Specializing in computer generated designs, we deliver the ultimate design package. Detailed, descriptive and unique, our design layouts will always impress no matter type or size of project.

Service Offered

2D Renders require a photograph of a selected area. Using a specialized program, plant images are layered onto the photo creating a realistic representation of the completed garden. This format is ideal for smaller areas so that greater detail is visible.

3D Renders are built up from a site plan. Accurate in measurements and scale, this format is ideal for small to large areas that require landscaping. Detailed effects such as terrain, building and water can all be realistically created through a combination of programs.

Created from a 3D site plan, meticulous planning and angling of camera paths can create a video clip of a landscape. Using incredible graphics and animation a virtual walk through is created allowing the design to be viewed as if it already exists.

With accurate measurements of a site plan, detailed and easy to follow quantified plant lists and material lists are created. They are customized for every job, and suited to every client’s needs.